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Rin': Inland Sea

Inland Sea


The unique Japanese female trio Rin'-Mana, Tomoca, and Chie- was born shortly after the three girls graduated from Tokyo's esteemed National University of Fine Arts and Music.  Influenced by a wide variety of music and artists from the West & East, Rin' has a cross cultural sound that balances the subtlety of Japanese tradition with contemporary western styles.  Timeless Japanese instruments such as the stringed koto and jushichigen; wind instruments biwa, sangen and shakuhachi mix with modern western instrumentation delivering a contemporary sound.  Rin' blossoms vocally and creates an upbeat mood.

Rin' sparkles while experimenting with jazz, pop, trance and reggae.  The trio has worked with singer/songwriter LISA LOEB and LEIGH NASH (Six Pence None the Richer) who are both featured on their first DOMO Records release.

Track List

  • 01.  New Day Rising  -  Vocal: Leigh Nash
  • 02.  Solemn
  • 03.  What The Rain Said
  • 04.  Never Knew What Love Meant  -  Vocal: Leigh Nash
  • 05.  Moss Garden
  • 06.  Anti Hero  -  Vocal: Lisa Loeb
  • 07.  Inland Sea
  • 08.  Sea of Tranquility  -  Vocal: Leigh Nash
  • 09.  Superflat (Part II)
  • 10.  Past Imperfect
  • 11.  AA170
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