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Andrey Cechelero: Water


Andrey Cechelero

A Brazilian inheritor of the Shakuhachi art, (bamboo Japanese flute), Danilo Tomic presents the spirit of the Zen art in this CD.  Master Baikyoku Iwami's disciple, Danilo Tomic is considered to be the only Brazilian successor of this exotic instrument millennial art, following Kinko Ryu School.  Composed in soft arrangements accompanied by keyboard and percussion instruments, these songs take us into the eastern deepest sound universes.

Track List

  • 01.  Bosque Das Aguas
  • 02.  Sailing
  • 03.  Lago
  • 04.  Ceano
  • 05.  A Fonte
  • 06.  Caverna Magica 1
  • 07.  Depois Da Chuva
  • 08.  Blue
  • 09.  Mares
  • 10.  Guardiao Dos Rios
  • 11.  Averna Magica 2
  • 12.  A Ultima Chuva
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