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Andrey Cechelero: Spiritland


Andrey Cechelero

Instrumental music with a touch of piano and keyboard inspired on the astral cities.  Spiritland is based on ideas from a world full of possibilities and new realities.  Be it in the onyric vision of the Beauty and the Flow, in journeys to other stars like Sirius and Capella or in the invisible Chords, the spirit world makes itself present - and there is no better or more beautiful way than music to sense it.  Andrey Cechelero explores a home beyond tangibility: the Spirit Town...

Track List

  • 01.  Prologue: Spiritland
  • 02.  Home
  • 03.  Nocturne
  • 04.  Sirus
  • 05.  Interlude: Entre Mundos
  • 06.  A Bela E A Correnteza
  • 07.  Light and Mistery
  • 08.  Invisible Strings
  • 09.  Capella
  • 10.  Epilogue: Writing in the Darkness II
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