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Alexandre Guerra: The Most Beautiful Children's Rhymes 2

The Most Beautiful Children's Rhymes 2

Alexandre Guerra

The conductor Alexandre Guerra translates all the tenderness and innocence of the most beautiful Brazilian chants into sensitive orchestral arrangements.  This Azul Music CD has the participation of experienced musicians who enriched the themes with delicate piano, bassoons, flutes, guitar, oboes and clarinets, among other instruments.  These well-known nursery rhymes are a great way to introduce babies and children into the music universe.  The album contains a beautiful booklet with the lyrics of the songs, in Portuguese, for parents to sing along with the family.

Track List

  • 01.  Meu Pintinho Amarelinho
  • 02.  Escravos De Jo
  • 03.  Samba Lele
  • 04.  Cachorrinho Esta Latindo
  • 05.  Ciranda Cirandinha / Cai Cai Balao
  • 06.  Skindo Lele
  • 07.  Da Abobora Faz Melao
  • 08.  Peixe Vivo
  • 09.  Carangueijo
  • 10.  Minha Rolinha
  • 11.  Pombinha Voou
  • 12.  O Pastorzinho
  • 13.  Quem Te Ensinou a Nadar
  • 14.  Terezinha De Jesus
  • 15.  O Meu Pezinho
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