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Corciolli: Lightwalk



The eighth album of a successful discography, Lightwalk presents vigorous sonorities, emphasizing the rhythmic support of the drums, the bass and the percussion.  The album inaugurates a new, differentiated phase - so to speak - for this remarkable musician, whose music is usually associated with a meditative style.  Featuring a stellar team of guest musicians, such as the legendary bass player Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), the widely acclaimed percussionist Naná Vasconcelos and the singer Andre Matos (Angra and Shaman's former vocalist) - who is considered to be one of the greatest voices of today's Metal, Corciolli presents eleven original compositions by playing the piano and various vintage synthesizers to enhance inspired melodies.  The album also features outstanding interpretations by Marcus Viana on the electric violin and Ulisses Rocha on the acoustic guitar. By gathering elements of Progressive Rock, Brazilian Music, World Music and New Age, Lightwalk was inspired by Carl Jung's famous words: "Who looks out, dreams; who looks in, awakens".  Mixed by Grammy award's winner Flavio Senna and mastered by Brazilian audio's legend Carlos Freitas, Lightwalk caught with perfection, the essence of the fascinating and imaginary music from Corciolli.

Track List

  • 01.  Miragea
  • 02.  Amethysios
  • 03.  Star
  • 04.  Pegasus
  • 05.  Lightwalk
  • 06.  Firefly
  • 07.  River
  • 08.  Talisman
  • 09.  Dreams
  • 10.  Supernova
  • 11.  Air
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