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Alexandre Guerra: Gestation


Alexandre Guerra

Gestation is the second work of the renown conductor Alex Guerra recorded by Azul Music.  This CD presents a soft soundtrack for moms and their babies with brand new songs softly rocked by harp, oboe, flute, soft percussion, cello and saxophone sounds.  The album has 11 tracks on it, created by renowned Brazilian erudite musicians.  Alex Guerra inspired himself in this unique and magical moment when life springs up to create a cozy and warm environment for the pregnant woman.

Track List

  • 01.  Nossos Lacos
  • 02.  Aurora Do Coracao
  • 03.  Quando Sopram Os Anjos
  • 04.  Docemente
  • 05.  Brisa De Uma Nova Vida
  • 06.  Envolvidos Pelo Pensamento
  • 07.  Paz
  • 08.  Caminho Da Serenidade
  • 09.  Levemente
  • 10.  Um Despertar Silencioso
  • 11.  Nascer
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