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Acalanto: Baby's Life

Baby's Life


Musician Isadora Canto, owner of the music school Barulho Bom, uses a special program to teach that involves lots of sound, learning and fun.  Her objective is to emphasize the importance of music in children education as a source of knowledge to be worked and developed, since it is an important part of human culture.  Following her ideal, she includes music in children educational context through a project called Acalanto (Lullaby) to integrate infants into the world of sound starting from intra-uterine phase.  As we all know, music can boost sensations and change babies' state of mind.  So, mothers who are aware of this possibility can offer themselves and their children these deep love and serenity states.  Music is one of the best instruments to establish a deeper mother-child relationship.  As a consequence of this unique work the CD BABY'S LIFE allows - through virtuous, simple and easy to absorb Brazilian songs - a solid and close relationship.  The soft rhythm suggests melodic play, leading to an ideal state for the development of inner peace and harmony, which result in a healthy development.  "Reconhecimento" (Acknowledgment) and "Nascer" (Birth) tracks allow for greater acceptance and tenderness in this delicate and important phase mothers go through.  And children can benefit from the songs "Nâo Chora" (Don't Cry) and "Brincadeiras" (Let's Play) in their first years after birth.  These tracks provide sound stimulus that help in the development of their inherent musical intelligence.  This CD is aimed to boost lots of care and stimuli through its songs.

Track List

  • 01.  Crescer
  • 02.  Bom Dia
  • 03.  Nascer
  • 04.  Reconhecimento
  • 05.  Apresentaçâo
  • 06.  Brincadeiras
  • 07.  Sono Do Dia
  • 08.  Banho Bom
  • 09.  Nao Chora
  • 10.  Sono Da Noite
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