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Han: Forest Of Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Forest Of Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Korean movie Forest Of Time was released in April 2012.  A man who is tired from his daily life took a trip to Yakusima island, Japan.  It's registered as one of the world's natural inheritances.  A Japanese young lady comes along with him to this ten days trip and they open up toward each other...  Han's music enhances the beauty of breathtaking sceneries and their relationships.

Track List

  • 01. Song Of The Forest
  • 02. On My Way
  • 03. The Fool For The Daughters
  • 04. The Forest Is The Sea's Lover
  • 05. Seaside
  • 06. Little By Little
  • 07. Hide And Seek
  • 08. To Give Heart
  • 09. To Let Go And Empty Out
  • 10. Regrets
  • 11. The Lovely Sea, My Love
  • 12. Forest Of Time
  • 13. The Trip Together
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