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Andrey Cechelero: Windows Into The Infinite

Windows Into The Infinite

Andrey Cechelero

Music, like no other form of art, can act upon human beings, changing their emotional and vibrational pattern, that is, their vital set of physical and mental bodies.  Ancient people acknowledged in the sounds an important form of medicine for diseases of the body and the soul.  Aiming not only a special production and strong musicality but the ancient influence of music over people, Azul Music launches JANELAS DO INFINITO (Windows into the Infinite).  The arrangements produced by Andrey are composed and played in celestial piano sessions.  These melodies help the mind switch off from the external world and their sounds make thoughts, imagination and sensations vibrate deeply in our inner conscience, our essence, tuning it up to the vibrations of the universe.  It is a synergy of which we are instruments, interpreters and composers at the same time.  Every listener can feel or react to it in a different way, but the special vibrations emitted unite the individual and his deepest and most secret "Self", breaking the barriers and blockages we have inside.  In every culture music plays a most important role in the psychic balance and the bounds that tie men, the environment and the spiritual planes.  By listening to this CD a sweet sensation of surrender, receptiveness and cooperation will fill your soul like a great adventure.  The Energy that flows in this process is like the light of a radiant sun, a feeling of love that opens up spirituality doors and amazes the ears, leaving a sensation of unutterable peace.

Track List

  • 01.  As Violetas
  • 02.  Janelas Do Infinito
  • 03.  Nao Ha Fim
  • 04.  A L'infini
  • 05.  Maternidade
  • 06.  Nunca Deixe De Olhar Pela Janela
  • 07.  Nascer
  • 08.  Renascer
  • 09.  Anima
  • 10.  Amigos Invisiveis
  • 11.  Despertando
  • 12.  Voltar
  • 13.  Mundo Novo
  • 14.  Sonata Das Lembrancas Indeleveis
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